360 Rotating Cabinet. Why do you need 360 Rotating Product Photography? It is the optimal way to show every facet of a product or subject, delivering maximum information in a quick and easy fashion. The effect is of a 3D image in a two dimensional medium, contributing to your potential customers’ on line browsing experience.

360 Rotating Product Photography. 360 degree product photography is a process of capturing a series of still product images on specialized equipment that rotates the product on one or more axis. The images are edited, formatted and integrated with a viewer that allows a consumer to interact with the product, rotating it from various angles and zooming into it to see the product detail.

The rotating product images are tools that can promote a featured product or sales item. They can be used to show the bring-to-life details of a product that would never have been visited from a static shot even with the traditional zoom features. Using 360 degree product photography, you can show off your products in all their exciting, rotating, interactive and stylized glory. 360 degree rotating images are ideal for online catalogUes but also for press releases, news stories, marketing campaigns, and digital social network marketing.