360 Rotating Horse

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360 Rotating Horse. Internet sales now heavily outweigh retail sales and with fierce competition from all angles so to speak, companies need to grab the attention of their online target market immediately. Short of actually visiting a shop, how else can the buyer experience the quality of and begin to covet your product? By seeing it beautifully from all angles of course using beautifully lit 360 product shots that effectively create 3d objects. That’s where we come in!

360 degree product photography is a process of capturing a series of still product images on specialized equipment that rotates the product on one or more axis. The images are edited, formatted and integrated with a viewer that allows a consumer to interact with the product, rotating it from various angles and zooming into it to see the product detail.

Why do you need 360 Rotating Product Photography? It is the optimal way to show every facet of a product or subject, delivering maximum information in a quick and easy fashion. The effect is of a 3D image in a two dimensional medium, contributing to your potential customers’ on line browsing experience.

The rotating product images are tools that can promote a featured product or sales item. They can be used to show the bring-to-life details of a product that would never have been visited from a static shot even with the traditional zoom features. Using 360 degree product photography, you can show off your products in all their exciting, rotating, interactive and stylized glory. 360 degree rotating images are ideal for online catalogUes but also for press releases, news stories, marketing campaigns, and digital social network marketing.

Showing your products to potential buyers from every conceivable angle provides them with the greatest amount on information to aid in the purchasing decision. This leads not only to higher sales as the buyer is more confident in his/her purchasing decision, but also to a reduction in product returns and refunds. It is the nearest thing to in-store shopping, allowing your customer to view your product as it they were there.