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Food Photography. At the core of all photography lies subject, composition and lighting. If those three things are poor, no amount of post-processing work will fix it. It won’t matter what your aperture, f/stop or ISO is if you don’t have an interesting subject, good composition, and great lighting. Without these, a photo will lack impact.

Reading a photograph is the study of how a particular image is created and the thought process behind it. We constantly make decisions about lighting (quality and quantity), composition (the arrangement of visual elements) as well as content (subject and meaning) when taking photographs.

Every image offers a variety of interpretations and by observing and interpreting the choices we make in each we improve the outcome of the final photograph we create.  A successful image depends on a number of things that must come together including: lighting, composition, and subject matter.

We work hard to elicit good strong reactions out of our work for the foods that we eat. We as food photographers must have a great appreciation of food to be able to properly capture it through our photography. We offer a culinary background with a strong skill in photography.

Our food photography will be used for promotional purposes, on the packaging of food, Web sites and other media advertising. Food photography must fulfill and therefore Food photography requires certain and particular needs to the style of lighting, food composition and presentation, reflections and texture. As professional food photographers, it is imperative that we capture the photo just right so that the food looks enticing and gets people to want to eat it.