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Photography Orange County. We have extensive experience in catalogue and brochure photography and whether in the studio or on location, we specialize in providing professional creative photography and digital images for brochures, catalogues, mailers, advertising, point of sale, web sites and exhibition display graphics.

Whether in the studio or on location, we have years of experience in furniture and room set photography as well as product, lifestyle, retail, automotive, jewelry and electronics. We are fully trained in the latest digital retouching techniques ensuring the results are color accurate and finished images are ready for print or the web.

We offer excellent creative abilities, as well as good eyesight and the ability to translate the images we see with our eyes to one captured by the camera. We are not only good with a camera, but also have in-depth knowledge about lighting conditions related to whether we photograph people, products or locations.

Every image offers a variety of interpretations and by observing and interpreting the choices we make in each we improve the outcome of the final photograph we create.  A successful image depends on a number of things that must come together including: lighting, composition, and subject matter.

We photograph products for advertisements, brochures, books or magazines and Web sites. We work directly for product manufacturers or for the designers and advertising agencies who are creating promotional material. Photographers set up the product on a appropriate background and use different lighting techniques to get specific creative effects. When agencies want to achieve a certain effect they might ask a creative director or designer to work with us and provide direction. Following the shoot, we offer professional digital editing techniques to enhance the final look and effect of the overall photograph.